The Elements Call

With the power of VR, Project Aether places you in complete, immersive control over the elements. Become a god of the battlefield by wielding Earth, Fire, Water, and Air to devastate your foes. Fight in VR - use your motion controllers to perform complex martial arts gestures to summon massive tidal waves or unleash explosive fireballs. Compete against your friends though cross-platform compatibility with numerous VR headsets in 3v3 multiplayer battles. Don the masks and explore the hidden world of the Order. Are you prepared to discover the power within you?

Coming soon to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive

Explore the Elements


The element of temperance

The most stoic of all the elements, Earth embodies the rigidity and steadfastness of a mountain. Though slow to action, Earth can be a formidable force when reckoned with – for stone does not burn, it cannot drown, and only the mightiest gale can hope to unseat it.


The element of compassion

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The element of creativity

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The element of vigor

Although often associated with hotheadedness, Fire also embodies courage. Those who wield fire often find themselves fighting valiantly in the enemy, unleashing a dancing barrage of flame and energy.